Beautiful WE

We may not be the perfection you want us to be ,not so ideal you want us but there is a purity that you can never see anywhere else. The roles we have been playing right from the moment we open eyes are magnificent .Next to daughter the role we play is the sister.Caring always about you is not a lie ,its something automatic and genuine . the ladder reaches to stage three .Playing  this we lose everything we had made this far. Being by your side is the best thing now. The wifey role some say is the toughest but with love this can never fail. We have taken care of this relation from centuries as history reveals. Khatija (R.A) was the first to believe in Mohammad(SAW). This was the indication of HIS success .

The ladder with this roles takes us to motherhood. This is so far called the beautiful one out of all.The pain of miracle is blessing  and the beauty of new one is life now. The independent as you grow,the magic grows along. Giving you the best is the not priority but its  what we call magic,the magic that makes us to bring you here . Watching you grow older is the  only thing we do , our transition to grey  is invisible to us.

The next we see is you carrying now your miracle in your hands. The blessing repeats our phase of motherhood,watching them to grow is like watching you growing again as if first time magic has happened.All this makes us to escape our breathes and we reach our fate unknowingly.

The best you can give us is to keep us alive through your heart and memory.The bestest you can give us is the breathes to play all these roles wonderfully  outside the womb positively.