Atmospheric it is

via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric

I have been dreaming of the era to live in where the technology was yet to overtake us, the relationships were truly what they meant and love was atmospheric. The era i often place myself in has been decades ago buried or may b centuries ago. The era that was , where in a candy was magical to children and love for the olds. Atmospheric serenity and peace which were stuffings of that times, is what i am craving for the most. Oh! we have been ruined and we are responsible for this…what a mess we are living in. Crises are atmospheric now, there is no postive atmospheric behaviour now. No love, no energy, no purity,no relationships, all have been submitted to technology and none of us cares, knowing we are reaching to the brim of our existence. Poor us! candies children have been transitioned to the techno freaks and money have changed the criterea for the conventional old ones. Atmospheric is betrayals and lust, still no one cares. I wonder what our future generations will be..  peers handled by robots I guess. Murky lives of ours will leave this earth of one day non-supportive to life and existence.