Nostalgia she had


She took her phone and clicked the lock button. The date on screen took her to another era. The second day of the month of September! Nostalgia took her back to the times when on same date few years ago she had mustered the strength and typed the that message. Copying some readymade quote to impress him and at the end of the message she declared her name so that it becomes easy for him to guess. She expected the answer soon but she found no response. That night went restlessly for long till the sleep took over her.
Morning was same and she went to school. The cell phones were not allowed at school, and she did not find him at school either. Chaos and restlessness was immeasurable. By evening when she took her phone, she found message.
” You had messaged my father idiot, this is my number”. And her happiness found no limits. This was the start of the glorious times for her. With passing time, the two fell in love immensely and the promises were even higher. Years passed by and the two were inseparable. College was over and even university was over, the two stood rock solid by each other and went on promising. Through all, bad times, good times, they stayed together, even in long distance relationship they topped in the love stories.
It was time when marriages around were happening and her family was looking for a suitable boy for her. Somehow she managed to tell them about the boy she had dreamt to live life with. As it is in our Indian society, love marriages are unacceptable and considered disgrace. The two were crushed on the name of social status and the financial insecurities. They stood up every time they were knocked down and everytime they were crushed even harder. Despite having all the faith in their story, the two were broken into pieces by the families and society.
Today when she took her phone, all those years crossed her mind and tears fell uninvitingly and unbearably. The shock and the pain resides in her and there seems no end to the bizzare and ugly social insecurities of family. She still believes that miracle might find them and will make their union possible.