Moon on the cheek

This is about the time when electricity was scarce and inverters were yet invented. This was period of lanterns of every theme. Once sun set, lanterns were lit and motions would become limited. It was a norm between siblings to accompany one another for their tasks in any other place of house since lanterns were…

Expected Mondays

Learning blooming from flowers and the spreading joy even amid chaos.

Rise gracefully

Not everyone will love you and like you. There are people waiting for your fall and there will come time when you might fall. Because it’s the ride of life, where fall is necessary to make one rise higher and pay gratitude for the ups one was served. Do not let that hinder your rise….

Bitter Recall

Being an introvert has a con. You can never say a thing to someone’s face. Though the people I want to say this to are not here and may be will never find this, but to lighten my burden and the weight of things I want to say, and also to keep it as a…

With trials you meet yourself

We often find ourselves trapped in trials and getting out of it seems impossible. And often we find our near and dear ones telling us that the most loved one by the Divine is tested often and more. Consoling us and encouraging us through the tough times is what every friends of ours think is…

Carve the purpose

A decision you make should be reviewed before you finally go with it. And before going with it, always remember why you took the decision, the underlying reasons and the purpose, because you may lose the enthusiasm along the time and down the path. To regain all your energy and be absolutely absorbed in your…


Anxiety, a silent destroyer with an impact huge enough to engulf you, a volcano that never erupts but never lets you rest either. It has power enormous but when someone tries to find it out, the underlying causes, they find none and the view seems surreal and calm. The one with the anxiety is never…

You have hope or its having you

I don’t know wheather it’s good or bad but that last string keeps you hanging, irrespective of the fact that you might want not to hang anymore. Either you hope and hang or you don’t have hope, instead hope has you just hanging.

You are everything you need!

You are everything you need and the fact is I tell u.. you are the miracle that you have been actually waiting for🌼