A decision away they say


They say ” you are just one decision away from a completely different life”. Well that makes some sense, no doubt. But

1. Which sense of difference are they pointing to?
I mean are they refering to the positive aspect of different life or they are being sarcastic and know that you will end up in disaster kind of different.

2. Who tells you which decision it would be and how are you sure about it? Do you realize that any decision can prove different that you were telling me?
When we talk about the decision making, it implies that we are standing at the two choice point or a labyrinth. I mean a decision you make can prove good for you or opposite. But what is the probability that the path you chose at labyrinth is life changing. What if at certain point of time you realize that the other path that you gave up would have turned out to be completely different and now there is no turning back.

Every decision you make will have its aspects embodied to it, making it a right decision at one occasion and proving it otherwise at next. A different life they say is either an illusion to many or it’s merely a change of perspective which can prove beneficial in any decision you make.


  1. I’ve heard it differently. My version is ‘everybody’s one decision away from losing everything in their life’. While it may sound dreary, I actually like it. It helps me think about every decision I make, from what I eat to how I spend my free time. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Ursa says:

      Thank you indeed Stuart Danker. Your version is better because it somehow makes me humble while as my version leaves me restless. I will switch to your version 😀


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