Dear Heart❤️


In the midst of chaos, dear
You are the faith
At the center of happiness,
You are my gratitude
Amid all the commotion,
You are the peace
Beyond the horizons in sky,
You are only hope
After the fall of darkest hour,
You are sunrise
While it rains heaviest when,
You are the rainbow
Far beyond all the expectations
When I fail,
You are the new hello
In the group of ” you can not do it” eyes
You are ” why not”
When they say ” you are weakest”,
You throb the most
Showing me how powerful you are and how I am even more powerful,
Dear heart,
You are just a lump of tissues
Yet you hold every thing that makes me alive.
Your pats, hopes, faith, patience and that circulation
I thank you for every ounce of your offerings


    1. Ursa says:

      Thank you Dulcy ❤️

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