You are a River


Can you relate how river never forces itself onto anything, but always makes a way for itself. How come we are not able to understand that forcing the things is the try and you try again, but the ultimate decision of happening is not your thing to choose. You just have a choice but the final verdict of your choice is in the hands of Divine. River chooses it’s path, which is not necessarily a straight one. The destination is where it’s sets it’s eyes on, follows every possible way to reach it. It takes every curve it could take and when it finds a resistance, it just takes a turn but never the return one. It just tilts itself around a corner of the block but definitely moves forward and leads ahead every time you see it. It finds hindrances, it meets pressure inside, but it never stops flowing. And with that enthusiasm it always finds a way out even though sometimes it has to make a bend in itself to make way. Be like a river, bend a little sometimes and make a way always. You are not supposed to be stagnant, you are a river meant to flow. If not this way, there will be another way to flow. You may slow down, you may take longer to reach somewhere but you have to move, you have to progress and that’s how it is supposed to be. You are a river and you are supposed to be that way.