Slipping into the unknown


There will come a time in your span of living when mere announcing your choices and decisions won’t matter to any one. The time will be like a sharp knife against your throat, you feel the death so near yet you are unable to make any movement to run away. Though your choices you make may thrive with the flying colours and running away from knife may sound safe but the need of an hour will be to put your throat on that knife and help it cut you and make you bleed. You try every convincing play to run away but sometimes it feels that you have been created for that knife to cut you. Millions prayers you might have prayed and billion hopes you can have but the hour of span is meant to split up everything. You will be left with nothing in your hands and no choice to make from your list yet you will be  made accountable to every happening taking place. You might have adored that knife for its beauty but that beauty you have to pay for now.
Couple of times we are so distressed and ask for the Divine intervention to help us miraculously and take away our pain and distress, but you fail to receive it because you have already had enough in your life and perhaps all that you demand do not come to you as such , without paying any prize. You got to pay sometimes and slip into the unknown. Blessings are there in life no doubt, but losing something you have always asked for makes you forget all the blessings you are holding. We are so selfish at the times of our distress, though we have believed in Divine through our ups in life, but we put that Energy in the witness box at the times of our downs. Unknowns can be more colourful sometimes but what you lose while slipping would be precious and trade off between that precious known and dark unknown always creates the whispers of doubt and pain of longings. Slipping into that black hole will make you habitual of routines and people will start believing “oh he/she has moved on” or they may say ” he/she was just hotheaded and illogical for a time“. Inside you know the pain of loss and the habits of just breathing. And my dear, there is huge difference between breathing and living which one can never make understand to the people who do not come out of box.