Own your Story


In the midst of chaos you search for a thing that can help you anyway. You struggle hard and keep struggling to find that thing but fail every time. Your behaviour which you try very hard to curb and not to reveal your miseries eventually give up on you. Having tried to be strong enough infront of everyone you know, your impatience tells your ugly truth to the world. What you have been trying to keep veiled for your entire life, gets peeled off in a very wacky way. Your stories that you have been trying to find happy endings for and the scars that you tried to cover with your compassion and faith, all find their cover ups insufficient and like that boiling milk which always pours out of the container in that flash second when you take your eyes off it, all the stories and scars present themselves infront of the unknowns similarly like milk, forgetting that pouring out would make it useless and will be wiped out with some cloth. Even that cloth doesn’t retain it, washed out with water,it loses it identity and speciality. Some stories you own do not need to go public and scars which have taught you lessons need not to be unveiled because as the curtains go up, the stories and scars lose their validity and not every other would cherish them the way you do. Sometimes we feel the urge to disclose them to one’s we think will understand them, and with that thought, may be, those things give up on us and do not serve others with same compassion. Those stories and scars were perhaps meant for you only and others could never witness them and even if they do they won’t take same measures of lessons like you did. They might have their own stories and scars, which if revealed to you won’t leave on you the same impact and depth as they did on them. Besides while disclosing one’s stories plus scars, some words do fall to ground and lose their impact, and whatever reaches to one’s eyes and ears is definitely not going to have same effect as you experience.