Miracle in the Backyard

It was in the month of September, when Ursa woke up in the middle of night. A faint vision of pink roses blooming thoroughly in the backyard garden hit her closed lids. She turned over and slept till the sun was up shining on and warming earth. She had had her usual morning, the morning prayer, the breakfast and respond to the nature’s call. Later in the day, as was her routine, she went to her garden in the front of house. She would remember every flower in the garden, every colour of the nature would reflect her the beauty of her vision. Nature, she would admire the most. In the compound of nature, her soul would always find solace and her eyes met the coolness.  In the feel of that freshness, she closed her eyes. And she remembered that sight of roses. Though she did not remember that it was in the middle of night she had envisioned those roses. She went straight to her backyard to pay visit to the vision. There were no roses. She thought to herself ” I saw them, they were here”, but least did her focus go the month of the year. Septembers do not have roses. it was nearly fall time, just few days away. The vision of roses was so fresh that she hardly remembers that it was a dream she had seen them in. It was with her always, she never could remember her dreams. The sights of dreams even do not remain in her memory, but since she had woken up after dream, which made her remember the visions always, so was the case right now.
Recently her dream of years had broken, when she had asked for her help from her parents. Since she lived in a conservative family, her love affair which had gotten disclosed in her family broke a mountain of anger over her. She was struggling to find her worth now. She wanted that family things back and on top of that she wanted her love of life back. And now this flower dream had somehow, somewhere raised a hope, she had had feeling that Divine has given her a good sign. Perhaps all the things that went wrong and took away her things, might return to her. She went on waiting and things started getting normal with her family but they did not get convinced for her choice of spouse. Melancholy overtook her with time. Though things seemed smooth on surface but internally she longed for the love. Months passed by. Family was busy looking for a match for her, which she was not ready for. Time to time she tried convincing them but every time she failed miserably. The dream merely seemed an illusion of her mind, and she would sit wishing for the miracle to save her.
It was in next summer when she was got a call from the love of her life, who told her to give a love another chance and convince the parents once again. He had told her that he was sending her mother to her home and try talking to her parents. They both tried hard this time. After her parents had met the boy’s mother, they were convinced to much extend. Next morning when she woke up, a bit happier she was. It was after a long she seemed joyful and in past months she was less present to environment. It was the day she somehow paid attention to that rose plant in the backyard. The roses were blooming the way they did in dream. She recollected the dream and happenings right now seemed manifestation of that dream. “It was meant to happen when roses would bloom again, and see it’s happening”, she thought to herself. The idea made her even more happier. Couple of days passed, family were talking and thinking about it seriously now. Few days later in the afternoon, she put aside the curtains of her room to make way for sun to enter into her room. A sight outside through the window caught her attention, and gripped her still. Since her room was at the back of house, the rose plant which was full of blooms, had dried out, with the blooms yet budding but dry and yellow. Though every other plant in the garden seemed doing well except that rose plant. Something in her felt broken and intuition hit her. Same day her parents turned reluctant for that boy again. For few days she tried hard to make that plant revive and bloom again, but no amount of watering helped. She still looks at that plant every morning, wishing the miracle may enter her life through that plant, assuming the day blooms will return, her parents will give her consent.