Limiting horizons

Changing the self theories and philosophies now and then may help you with your survival. Learning experience at times makes human behave like saint. Quite often one believes he/she has all the wisdom. One tries to overcome the wall of hindrance with same ladder, irrespective of the fact that the height of the wall and length of ladder are not comparable every time.  Sticking to just that one philosophy may prove fatal couple of times. Everyone has his own philosophy of life which he developes while experiencing the life and while growing through it. What works for him carves his philosophy into the shape and often then he deduces the events way before they actually happen. Every happening in his life makes him visit that philosophy corner in his head and whatever event comes into his life, that philosophy  guides him, irrespective of the measure and feature of the event.

It’s mere a human behaviour that we assume that what once worked for us in any aspect of life, will always show us the way out of any situation. Though the theory had once, may be, saved you but it is not gonna necessarily guide you for the rest of your life. Had that been true then I guess the learning would have been limited. Then carrying the philosophy that “learning never ends” or ” one learns from cradle to grave” would have never gotten into the existence. Then may be learning a lesson once would have saved generation from defaults and the theory one learns would have been passed on through generation. May be even your philosophy would have been easier to understand and you would save every dear ones of your’s from the disaster.  We can guide someone but we can not help them experiencing their own lives. They have their own theories to unveil and own journey and path to tread. Similarly every situation does not lead to same conclusion, and therefore same hypothesis can not solve all the algebra queries. May be sometimes the philosophy may work in some fields of your’s but remember every situation will lead you to new being and therefore new philosophy and theory. You stack up all your philosophies and theories, you learn but don’t consider them useless after that. You grow through them and you achieve new horizons. You can not unlearn them, may be some day somebody will knock at your door with similar experience and you will have to help him with your experiences. Though his experience will be entirely different but sometimes the paths followed cross and someone experiences saves some others time. He will reach his horizon through his own experience but your guidance might add an extra color to his horizon.

Sticking just to one philosophy will take away yours colors and may be it will limit your vision. Being flexible to new experiences and theories will add life to your living and guide you to the Divine.