Powerless and Uncertainty

Sometimes moment feels like forever, that ache in the midst of your chest seems have built a palace of its own, intending to stay for rest of the life. Turning restless on your so cosy bed, unknown tomorrow fills your eyes with fear of despair and longings. Chaos in your head has turned everything upside down and every breath reminds you the most possible happening which you are most afraid of. Being there for a long has made you believe it’s existence and you are scared of losing that battle inside you and outside as well. Feeling drained and hopeless, you tap your heart, giving it that false hope of revival and good endings. Your inner voice, which you believed has every answer, has long ago been lost in that chaos your head has been hosting. Trying to figure out every possible aspect and trying to be the tarot card reader of your own drama, you forget your own voice and that intuition that drived you this far. That voice has gotten different look alikes in there inside you, and that’s what has made you to lose the identity of it’s. Provoking God in every possible way, who seem to have forgotten you long ago, is only left way of seeking your longings. You knock His door and keeping doing so but you find no answer there. You prejudice claims your sins and you declare the now-happenings as their punishment. You believe that high frequency voice and indeed start your own punishments for all that you never did. Believing is all that can save you from all the battles and may be you have got no other choice but to believe. Believing in yourself and your unknowns. Believing that your life has been shaped into this for a good reason, and that your unknowns are being handled by the Divine who has made you, a complete miracle and a mess at the same time. Believing that you are best version of human race and you deserve best which is on the way and believing that whatever you have asked for has been granted to you, it’s just that it is taking a long for it is bringing all the blessings from the infinite and getting gift wrapped, may be. Have some patience and believe your existence.