Be still


And when you are at the spot you wished to be at for like an eternity, you tremble and fear the happenings. Right that moment you infuse yourself with the trait of renouncing the victory as said by Paulo Coelho . Yes it is the time to feel shaking hands and unsteady legs. It is this time you feel profound effect of overthinking and overwhelming. Your heart races. Perhaps you have been in that ‘asking to God’ mode for very long and this is what makes you to not believe the reality plus the impulse like changes in your body makes you wish to go back to the normal…which is the asking mode. You do not see the picture clearly out of those self raised doubts. You don’t see that God has granted you your wish. Your normal is going to change to the normal you always used to ask for. I know your heart is pouncing in that place of its, but trust me it’s just telling you the truth of the wish. Your head is fooling you, telling you to give up and renounce what has been granted. Giving up at this moment when things are getting clearer, is mere illusionary way out. You have asked for this but have not prepared for it. Be still and grab your heart. Tell it ‘you win’. Tell it that new normal has begun. Tell it that there is every possibility of asking for a thing and having granted it. Tell it miracle is the truth and your one of the wishes to witness the miracle has been granted to you too. Feel free to ask more and believe more.