Moon on the cheek


This is about the time when electricity was scarce and inverters were yet invented. This was period of lanterns of every theme. Once sun set, lanterns were lit and motions would become limited. It was a norm between siblings to accompany one another for their tasks in any other place of house since lanterns were not affordable to be placed everywhere and darkness felt haunting alone. The dinners were served early on evenings which run out of electricity.
A family of five lived in far place, where neighborhood was not dense. Trees were everywhere, tightly and neatly grown. Days were surreal, calm and cool in that place but evenings seemed haunting. On one such evening, when dinner was served and finished, lantern was dying, children were sleepy then mother called her eldest son.
Mother: Take your younger brother to washroom and make him pee.

Elder sibling: Mother, how will I make him sit on pot, he is too young to sit.

Mother: Do not take him to the pot, let him stand at the door and he will pee. I will wash the washroom in the morning.

Lanterns have a thing that make your shadow appear even larger and since the hair   texture of that little two year old was heavy curly, the shadow of that becomes even more larger and haunting. Perception of such sight made him frightened, the eldest one spoke to his mother and told her to hand over lantern to their sister who happens to be the middle child, and ask her to accompany us.

Elder one: Tell Ursa to come with us.

Mother: Ursa, you take the lantern and follow your brothers.

As they reached to washroom which was just a room away from the kitchen. Elder sibling put the two year old next to the opened door and helped him take his pants off. While doing so, the two year old, which was having almost closed eyes due to the sleep, yelled out loud, alerted his body and his eyes remained wide open. He was crying and only that voice could be heard at that time of night, waking up every creature. Unable to understand the thing, the other two elder siblings took him with that hanging pant, to mom, who had already gotten worried by the hue. Everyone was staring at the eldest one, expecting him to explain the bizzare thing that made the youngest one to cry. None found the answer because the eldest was himself confused and the thing was unknown to him as well. The crying was still high pitched, everyone trying to console the baby and find the reason for his behaviour, it was when their mother noticed that the two year old was holding his buttock with one hand. She had a look at his butt cheek and found a half moon scar like crescent.
Mother: What on earth is that! And how on earth did it happen? She exclaimed loudly and that made the other two conscious and panic raised the alarm.
Everyone followed her gaze and looked at that cheek, trying to find the moon. With all the chaos and panic the two, who were supposed to answer for the moon mark and receive all the scolding, suddenly started laughing loud while holding there waists.
While the elder one was helping the two year old to unzip his pants in washroom, Ursa had put the lantern against the door so that it doesn’t get closed. She herself was so sleepy that she was unable to process that the two year old was going to pee right there from the door. She stood sleepy against the door and put lantern just infront of her, and just behind the two year old. Once the pants where pulled down, the bend in two year old made him seated on the lantern and placed the moon there on the cheek. That is the one of the marks that they are being held responsible for and that’s the mark that makes them laugh even louder now. The night had presented them a memoir for the life and moment for the eternity.