My nephew is my teacher


Have you ever wondered what is it with the children when they grab everything that comes their way. What takes you all the day and energy to find out, they find them so easily. Everything that needs to be hidden from them and those things that can harm them always fall in their way as if perfectly laid there for their use, howsoever hard you try to keep them away.
I have this nephew here in, roaming around the home, and specially my room. I find him cute and masterpiece in every sense, that is no unusual thing because most of us see these minute humans in same way. How could anyone even hate these munchkins. Their memories even though are yet in development, but they remember everything you serve them, may it be a goodness or otherwise. They call you with the names of the things that you tried on them to make them happy or make them respond to your efforts. Even they remember names of the things by their usage or situations used in. Like my uncle, whenever he pays visit to our house, he playfully calls my nephew by cat voice “meow meow”. And now whenever my nephew sees him anywhere..he calls him by the name meow. My nephew is fond of music and voices singing him lullabies. I have tried a lullaby and song couple of times to make him fall asleep.  He calls me now by the lyrics of the song. Though he never sits peacefully, roaming always around, making home sound like filled with hundreds of people but there are moments when he comes and silently seats himself in my lap and hums those lyrics, telling indirectly to me to sing him out  that song . When I do, in the middle of it, he taps my hand, says a word from that lullaby, indicating me to switch to that lullaby. And I do as I am commanded. It reminds me of that radio phoning program, where a listener calls to the station and asks for a song to play. This tiny human instead of calling, makes himself comfortable and orders a song to be hummed to him. And see nothing makes me happier but singing him as per his demand. It makes me realize that being the human, God too might like our demands. May be our God is waiting for us to make demands and help us to fulfill them. May be we too need to tap His hand and ask him to switch to our next demand. Children really have lessons for you, though you think you are teaching them.

I find myself always confused and least I say “No” to any person and hurting anyone’s sentiment make me restless. This minute human comes to me and says in his broken words ‘ jus’ which I understand he is asking me to serve him juice. To not make him spread the juice over his clothes and waste the juice, I try spoon to serve him. While I am taking next spoon, already fed him few, he puckers his brows and makes a sound of harsh tone. I try to decode it but I fail. He continues this everytime I fill the next spoon. Now he grabs my hand and pulls it to himself. I now get it what that tone meant. He was scolding me for taking long to fill the spoon. He wanted the tasty juice as fast as he could. Delay between the spoons fed made him think I was taking too long. Now finding him scolding, this tiny human has taken my heart. I found immense happiness, not because I was unnecessarily being scolded by this new being but by the fact that this human was expressing himself and ordering me to hurry. I thought to myself,” look at you Ursa, you think saying no or expressing your heart is not what God would like.. but see this creature who is yet to sense good and bad has made his expression clear because God wants him to express his will. Had asking for your wills been not liked by God, God would not have helped this child. Asking for things you have in heart is simply respecting God’s creation and the differences between beings He has put. May be God has put that will in your heart for purpose”. This little human has given me my lesson for the life. Everytime I recall his this voice, I find peace. I want him to be like that for the rest of his life, not thinking he is doing wrong by expressing himself. When he will be older, I will tell him that this day he had given me my lesson for life.

These days I am thoroughly watching my nephew, thinking to restart my life and take lessons from him and from his demonstrations. Because he is free of any bad intentions and wrong doings, his innocence is at peak. He is guided by Almighty and Almighty Himself has put things in his heart, making him learn the things we did not yet explain to him or taught him. His free will and innocence has made him an angel and we know angels do not make mistakes.