Meeting your own demons

Wondering all through your life, you cherish your own being. Nothing rejoices you more than you. Faults never reflect in that mirror where you adore yourself the most. Having come across the people of different genre, you assume yourself to be the best version of human race. Being the person of same category, one must have had an ideology of this pattern where the person goes on considering him/herself a best version of being. Rising each day like a beauty straight from heaven, soul free of all the wrongs and passion worth taking leap for, one never encounters one’s dark spots of inner self. Though humans are mix of everything universe consists of, they never admit their dark attributes to themselves, lest others.  Admiring oneself is a special attribute but being self obsessed is something different that is lately being mistaken as admiring.
Lately I have introspected within myself and to my surprise there I saw certain factors sprouting. As they are yet budding out, I was wondering whether they were always there and I just met them or are they really the outcome of certain of my circumstances. Figuring it out has been a tough task. The factors I am talking about have their impact over me these days as if I am cursed. Meeting your own demons is predestined chaos in ones life but the reaction and the behaviour thereafter leaves the mark over you. The darks of my soul have scared me up to the limit that I doubt their recent circumstantial evolution. As such things had never hit me prior to this period of time, I suppose they were having some attributes of recession. Jealousy and envy, I found them during this period of time when everyone is fighting Corona and wishing best for their loved ones. Do not mistake me as an excellent one in this, this demon has just met me. I cherished my being to be free of such aura but accepting it right now has challenged me to either settle down with this demon or just be reigned by it. With settling down I mena to accept it and do not let it submerge you. Secondly I have me featuresome demon inside, which assumes that money and fame is going to make sense in life. Again do not take me into that part of your head, where people of such behaviour are seen as monsters. I fail to remind myself that this is just the period of self observation and reflection, and may be that’s the reason I have met my inner darkness, though technically it makes me victorious of this time but softly it whispers into me that you have got nothing to be proud of and that your financial independence is a worst nightmare. Subjecting myself to these thoughts and regretting having even such thoughts and notions existing there in me, it has made me to meet another parameter of demon which calls itself self prejudice. Believe me this one is richly poisonous to one’s soul. Of all the demons I have met during lockdown, prejudice has taken toll over me. Wondering if any other person feels same way?
Being tremendously fond of mother nature, I believe that universe has it all, the demons and the good ones. Choice depends on you. Taking route to whatever destination you want to reach, your choice of behaviour would strongly matter. One cannot escape the demons one houses, because duality is the basic features of the matter. But it doesn’t change the fact that one reflects the things that one is dominated by. Allow your choices reflect but make sure your choices are in harmony with mother nature which always gives you best. Make sure that battle which is there inside you and will remain for the rest of your life, not let you choose things that burn you silently within and leave you trapped, locked in your self-made premises. Don’t kill yourself by that prejudice and the guilt of having demons insides, instead outgrow your demons, choose to not to choose your darks. Everyone has them but it now depends on who you let sabotage whome. Let demons get weakened, sabotaged, each time you make a decision to choose good over your demon. Remember both are there and will be, your choice is going to make a difference. Walk with grace, because such parameters make you human and define your aura. You can’t pull them out thoroughly and walk out. Let them be but let your existence shine well with your choices of good spirit.