That lost Bubble


I have no idea what I am supposed to do right in this moment. Neither do I understand where do I belong to. Infinite wisdom lies in ones surrounding but I am illuminated with none right here, right now. Coming straight out of the bubble of hypothetical premises, which I tell you didn’t burst because of me. The pricking elements were way unknown to me and since I was in bubble, I am so anxious of the missing sphere. How does it vanish into nothing when I believed in it for so long and so strongly. I miss its warmth of false protection and hazy idea of its being. My existence was so precious to me until it was there for me. Now without it I find myself thinking of the worlds where such beauty would exist. You can compare me with that tortoise which was so cozy in there within it’s shell but now somehow someone ripped off it’s shell and left it there, exposed to the harsh environment. So protected this far with the mighty strength, left all alone to it’s fate. Poor tortoise waiting for some thing to trample over and crushing it to the mortal remains. Never would have it thought of having such a brutal ending.
And sometimes I take inspiration from that butterfly which comes out of the larva shell and turns into the beautiful being, able to fly over places and visit colors as per it’s own choice. Shell it leaves might have been world to it some day and leaving it would have made it uncomfortable at that time. Unknown to its fate, it might have gotten scared of its existence and may be like that tortoise waiting to be crushed to death, it might have waiting for the same fate. Once it was out, may be a change in thought have given it it’s beauty. May be not waiting for end, it started with patience and struggled to have a wonderful existence ahead, it never thought of giving up. May be it still cherishes the shell it was in someday in past, but now may be it’s thankful to have even tried to set itself free from burdens and having tried living instead.
Different shells and may be different fates. May be I am in charge of my wings to be spread over and to give colors to my life and visiting places I want. What if that bubble bursting was just that good omen to start anew and being on my own. May be I am destined to have colorful life and may be like that butterfly, everyone will wish to have life and choices like me…may be someone will strive hard to follow my route. May be I am leaving mark behind, to people follow that and may be they are cherishing my being and even following me. May be this is the beginning ..