Demons inside and outside


Humans and demons have been in fight since ages. The constant battle of goodness with it’s antagonists have never been outdated. And perhaps none of them comes out as a sole winner of the game. At moments you feel serene of having knocked out demons out of yourself but there come moments of despair when you realize the demons are stuck inside you. How often does one feel that it’s is over, though the story is different always. Moments of victory for goodness take your faith and hopes forward, making all the demon look diminished. Such times take away from us the idea that those minute demons could be giants some time..the idea that they may be are feeding upon us while we are enjoying the battles won. There is always the exchange of energies between us n surroundings. Some where in the process we tend to give up our higher vibrational energies to something that actually are demon controlled. Having exchanged our aura, the demons play havoc inside us..the exchange is the only way they enter us but once they are in, you belong to alien world for your own mind and soul. Demons are all-around us, in every form they exist, waiting for us to make way for them. The battle will never end because that apple supposed not to be eaten was demoned and paved way to the creation of world. That’s the moment when demon gained the momentum for the rest of our lives. So until humanity is there, no one is going to rest and will have a battle inside. This is our eternal constant of life, and may be it’s the special attribute of our soul, moving hand in hand with it along us. However depending on our reactions and the exchanges, the dimensions of demon happen to make changes. Choosing humanity and goodness will never food the demons. Keeping that magnifying glass with you always makes your lilliput demon of mountain size. Sometimes skipping the conversation with yourself is healthy. Know where to stop your conversation and which direction to take. Howsoever hard it seems, talking positive in your head ultimately is a way to drive demon away. Some times your head may provide you with some peace but demons have there homes outside you as well. Some demons take human shape. Their words demean you, belittle you and make you feel worthless. And couple of times you doubt your ideas and determination. Believe me that is the same demon that had knocked your head door previously, just to make your confidence shake. Your courageous nay has made it to take another form. Be mindful of that. The energy exchange should be chosen by you. Beware of the things that you exchange the energy with.. whatever takes your energy is growing. Choose wisely. Make sure that your demons are not fed so often that they over weight your soul and peace.