Window into the another world


And when I enter my room back after having breakfast, the window just behind my nightstand invites me to witness the  another world. As I open it and feel that air on my face and eyes..I find nothing in world more comforting and mesmerizing. That air has something in it that rejoices my soul. This window has a ledge inwards, so I prefer sitting there and having a look at outside. Since my room faces the backyard, that is what I admire the most, it gives me the privilege to absorb the coolness of the foresty sight of backworld. High lofty trees and more importantly that greenery is not-to-be missed thing in my world. Right from my childhood I have been craving for greenery and the beauty backyards embody but winters always made me wait for the thing I loved most at my place. Nothing is more beautiful than trees at their full blooms. I wonder sometimes how the Divine has bestowed us with such a benevolence. What a beautiful sight to have and soak our eyes with. I have always dreamed of the gardens and to have every variety of trees and creepers there in. Flowers and colors are beauty to have but chlorophyll beings brings solace to my mind and soul. Being so grateful for witnessing this blessing and having it around always, I thank God for His blessings, kindness and this amazement I find within me upon encountering such blessings.