Searching Moon


Seeking goodness in every day shows us how high our expectations have grown. Being on this side of life, I have realized a day needs to be lived. By living what I mean is got to cherish whatever your day presents to you. It so hard to make the lemonade out of those lemons life throws on you, but least you could do is just sit and be patience, with yourself most importantly. With that what happens, you realize that the mess in  your head starts settling down, which is otherwise responsible for your bad energy absorption. Waiting for the things to settle down, you are gonna see things clearly and since the murky things are lower to ground, make sure you never lower your head to the opinions people set for you. Midst all the chaos, be your safe place. Let everything that pricks you be not reacted to and let it break into pieces to the ground. Let everything that has expectations to not let you grow, be shaken down to the earth. With your patience and faith in Divine, you have faith in you, that is what makes one winner. Every solution will come to you, let not that string of hope be cut. Stop victimizing yourself and be your own hero. Be there for yourself because until and unless you are not there for yourself, no one is gonna be there. Every day has it’s night time following it,so you can’t expect just sunny days 24hours. A day presents you its sun but night presents you it’s moon. Each phase serves it’s purpose. Do not just enjoy the sun and wait desperately for next morning. Let your soul witness the moon phase of your life. Do not make it miss the sight moon presents to you. Darkness in your life will definitely have a moon around, look around for it, instead of waiting for the sun rise. Sun is never late, be at ease and stop waiting for it for it will never rise untill you bid bye to moon. Let your moon enlighten you and give you insight. Have some moon walks and soak in some moon light. Your sun is never gonna miss it’s timing, in that case do not let yourself lose the moon.