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As I grow and move forward with more patience and content with myself, I find the steering wheel is held by someone else, you just sit on driver’s seat. Even though you hold that steering, for everyone sees you to have a hold, but those hands holding are held by some other force. You tend to drive straight to the destination and make it on time but that force controlling your grip is having intentions otherwise. Taking you to hills and forcing you to the dips, running on the untrodden, everyone seeing you on a wrong track, and your faith shaking with every jump makes you to lose it all. Since our eyes never go off the track, you still are stuck to the track you wished to follow. Amid all the chaos you hear all other pointing towards you for not following the determined path. Those raised fingers hit you hard in face, crumbled under you ego and your eyes never going off that track, perhaps you miss your scenes and beauty your now route offers you. Waited for the long to watch the scenes which everyone admired and created craving in your gut, you forget to pay attention and witness the beauty which perhaps no one else was offered to watch. Maybe you were special to enroute that way. Your long jumpy journey ultimately end in same destination you have had set. Seeing that destination brings back the shine and happiness but you lost all the scenery all the way. You got nothing to mention to next people, and you got no force to make them crave, like you were made to, for the path you tread. Since you remember nothing of your path but lose life in-between because what is in-between your sink and destination is called life and while you reach the end of path, you gotta cherish every jump which shakes you and rest a while in between so that you prepare yourself for the jumps coming. The beauty your journey holds has lessons to make you learn and finding the lessons along the beauty of path and moving forward is everyday incorporates essence to your JUST living.

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