In the middle of night, he woke up to some unrest in his heart. The restless was indescribable to him. Social media had always been his bestie and how could he not have share his uneasiness to it. When whole world was at rest, the unresting heart was posting its state of being to social media. The premonition was clear from its tweet and he went back to his bed, making his heart to find solace and  eyes, sleep.

Dawn broke. Woke up he, went to his social family. All the media he was scrolling gave him chills through the spine. The premonition he had felt in the middle of night had come to existence. His favorite star of all the times has passed away. Out of no time, the star had made way back to its place, the sky. Went for the marriage ceremony, she had fallen to death breaking his premonition to fact.

via Daily Prompt: Premonition