The Cabinet


The home redesigning ultimately was the gift to that years locked cabinet. This marriage of the daughter was an event of good-luck for this cabinet.  Everyone out of curiosity ran to that place. The cabinet of almirah, had been jammed from years. Finally, it was open to air, it craved years for. The love for its holder was immense which it will never come across in this life though.

Everyone is staring at it and in those staring facing, it is searching for the face it recognizes. But none is there. Happiness of moments crashed in seconds. Something stuck to it, the words that are bouncing back from every wall of the room. It’s the beholder of something none of the family members were aware of. Years ago a lady of house used to talk to this cabinet, all alone. The things she talked about were her family, her friends who believed she was insane. None could make sense of the talking cabinet. All that she owned and believed was carefully put in that portion of almirah by her. The papers of that land which she owned through her parents, the first doll of this to be wed daughter and socks of her son, he loved to wear. Everyone was equally stunned. They were out of this world for moments. Everyone is remembering those last words she was yelling.

Years ago the homemaker of the house who was only person that new the skills of the then talkative cabinet, placed her this precious ring in this drawer while talking to it, before getting into the shower. The truth of this talking cabinet never got displayed to any other besides her, which she tried so hard to reveal to everyone. But none believed. Her insane behavior was taking toll over her normalcy. The spoliation hit her on the same day, when she was caught with the manager of the company where the lead earner of the family worked. This man happened to visit her place by chance but resulted into the mess. The lady tried everything to make her husband trust her purity but all in vain. He had caught her what seems the red handed picture like. The manager was finally successful in trapping her love lady from collage, who was now the wife of his colleague. After the awful breakup at collage, he had thought of taking avenge of her, which he was successful at now. The created mirage brought cyclone to her life. Her happily married life turned upside down. In all that commotion, the cabinet got stuck within and never displayed the skills anymore. With all this, its possessions got locked up in there.

The missing ring from finger was proof of her betrayal, which she tried to get back from her only friend, the cabinet. The existence of skills had vanished the day she was charged of the things that were far from existence but had no proof of. Children turned their back to her. Devastated she was. She was asked to provide the now locked papers. This was cherry on the top for that manager, who faked the papers and presented them to family as a proof of their love, considering it that she had given the land to him for the purpose of stating up their own business and love life.

She begged to her friend to make miracle happen and show everyone her innocence, she constantly tried to convince her family but nothing got her fruits. “I am innocent, the cabinet talks and holds everything I own”. The words fell flat on everyone. On that day, while she was in her kitchen, crying and sobbing, her dress caught fire out from cooking gas. In just minute or two she was on floor, all dead but her voice was still echoing and claiming she was innocent.

Now that cabinet was open and had lost the only witness of its skills. The shock in everyone’s eyes had revealed it it’s mistake. Her husband recognized their love ring and those papers were still fresh and described her as a landlady. The yells were still fresh. The cabinet broke its pact and everyone was shaking out of fear. They had lost it years ago, the talking cabinet ultimately proved her innocence and her sane.