Feeling Everything

As a human being, as am I, you are obliged to feel the pain everyone shows up on their face or voice it may be. Pain and joy both are quite visible from the normal behavior of every being you see everyday. Since humanity should be served, you are quite obliged to help the one in pain and be the part of joy for who is in joy. We are at this stage where no one of us is showing up the morals to be part of one’s pain or joy. There comes a category of humans, yep humans which feel every bit of what the next person is going through currently. What they see is there eyes and feel themselves in that situations, thus presume everything they would be facing, had they been there. They feel every bit of other person they are around, weather known or unknown. Somehow they try to sort the things out for the person, most of the time secretly and try not to be the heroes. Acting as if things they do for other, are done for themselves rather than  for the others ..which however is not the fact. Not trying to be heroic is not because they do not want to be. The fact is that they themselves cannot stand the bravery awards. That is they feel like being made fun of if someone even pats them. Its natural for them. Well may be I am one of these people. Most of us are introverts, as am I and other part of this group are fighting the complexities somewhere. The complexities have majorly being seeded in the childhood through the parents, siblings, friends or some other situations. Reason whatever may be but the product is the same “ME”.

I have given thought to this thing always but never get to any conclusion. It’s good to feel for someone who is not able to make you understand what he/she is through specially when world is running out of the humanity and feel but this should be just to some limit. Once this limit you cross, this extra feel you get is always making you to face the insults, low self-esteem and loneliness.  Humanity must be served but it may hurt you sometimes, I guess most of the times for people like us. What we are supposed to do is to stop feeling this much.  Help everyone for sure but keep your head high enough to not let anyone crack jokes . Be brave enough to see through the eyes of person next to you and say a big ‘NO’ to them if the thing doesn’t go as per you. Sometimes taking a credit benefits you, be hero sometimes. Stop acting like a perfect example of friend, sibling, child. You are a human and you are meant to make mistakes and meant to ask for awards for the things you worked on. Sometimes be rough, you don’t need to be the savior all times specially when person isn’t worth it and when person is not on the cliff to jump.