Unanswered prayer

As simple she was,purer was her desire.Getting up early in morning and following the routine was too exciting for her ..going to coaching classes was something she was fond of. There she waited every day for his arrival. This infatuation was getting stronger day by day. She was now even reached to this state that without even watching him,she could tell you how long its going to take him to reach.there is this instance which I recall that one day we were in our class and within minute or two she began to count down the numbers. I did ask her what was it for but i didn’t get any ans. What followed her last number in count was her  look  at the door and there he opened it.I was taken aback. She was so connected to him that she could hear his footsteps. The other day he was absent for some reason and this girl was so fidgeting with the things..no ease was there on her face. She was telling me constantly “he is here ,he is here’,but we could hardly see him.There were her friend but not him. She was wondering how could her inner voice be so wrong. It was almost an hour later when teacher had concluded his class and was leaving the room,there we could see him standing outside. waiting teacher to come out because he was late that day so couldn’t attend first class.Wow !I was  so surprised by this girl,her inner voice acknowledging her every time so perfectly.Days passes by and she kept praying for his friendship and love. Prayers she believed so firmly.She was a kind of girl you would never see to begin a conversation. Had she been little outspoken type,she would have lived those years under his friendship at least.

      School was over and over was that telepathy.As days passes ,the memory of him faded along,she  was overcoming him.Years fliped,she had found love of her life. She was so happy in her world. Her lover was so much into her that she could hardly see or remember anyone. Time was elapsing and there came a day when that boy from her past knocked her door of friemdship.How circunstances brought him to her was unnoticed. She kept wondering if her prayers then unanswered were now answered. She was wondering if prayers are being answered for her then the love she was asking for should not be answered. Because she was happily in love with the other boy. She no longer wanted that crush of her life to overtake her love of life. Then years passed and she was happy to find in him a good friend until one day he unintentionaly mentioned her as his love of life. Her ultimate fear was infront of her. She didn’t want to lose him either but she did’t want to get him hurt too. She had to grace things up and end that friendship. Too painful it was for her but she couldn’t think of stabing that crush of his life under her friendship.Prayers once denied were answered now but she was so confused with what everyone believed “prayers are answered at right time”. She couldn’t think of any right time ..she is still wondering  how that time was beautiful for those unanswered prayers..