“I promise I will take care of you meticulously ,your wish is command for me.Your love,  a potion for me” he continued, “I can do anything just to be with you, you so complete me”. She was on cloud nine hearing these words. Love had entered in her life as a blessing.She was a kind of kind of girl hardly believing in anybody . It was first time she opened herself to somebody. He completed her in every sense as a colour to  incomplete painting. She carried him as a grace on her face.

The promises were made on regular basis,doing this and that for each other, sharing every bit of each other’s life, and life moved on . Schedules changed and so changed their lives. The busy of one coincided to the free time of other. The beauty of relation began to fade away, but the two managed to bounce back and colour it back.” But how  are we going to manage it like this , i am scared of losing you” she uttered with all her strength. ” I am going to manage this in anyhow state, you don’t need to worry. Come what may,our relation will survive,we are together making it to breathe and thrive” and the conversation ended that day. Both slept at peace .

Life has never been a smooth ride for any one . The promises  were pushed on the stack and none cared for them anymore. Beauty and grace of the relation was running out of colours. Things were changing and she was saddened by this each and every day. She was watching him leaving her gradually but helpless she standed. He was getting inured of things he had promised he would never touch and see. Unaware of these things,she believed in every word by him. She was asking for the love, respect and trust. He was promising everything but his words didn’t match his actions.Lies were piling up and he carried it beautifuly. But things never remain same ,lie  never remains hidden, nature never betrays a lover . He lost her. He tried every thing to get things back but it perhaps never worked then.He now says he is having regrets but what are those regrets supposed to do now. She was charismatic ,added grace to his life but he was not lucky enough.“Hole is going to be there for entire of my life “ he says.But if he had had managed to fulfill just one of his promises ,perhaps she would have been with him holding him tight,colouring his  all odds and accompanying his happiness …if if if he just had kept one of his promises…