He  was so alone midst the crowd,a lofty tree in a dessert.The eyes of him would tell you the story of his solitude. He had crushed a dream of his childhood to be an engineer. Suffered alot but he made it finally,the graduation dress and a sheet of paper holding in his hand was a proof of his acheivement.After years he was back home to stay and have a life again.But that is not the rule of a game.He mustered all his strength to get through that interview. And yes ,he made it this time too. A sigh of relief! He never believed in himself.Those shaky legs never were noticed by anyone. This calm boy was heading to nothingness even after the interview cracking. Those eyes were always telling me something,something i never traced.Job was killing him inside and worldy pressure was crushing him. Beautiful but full of sadness,those eyes were worth to be loved but above the love the eyes needed the dream .Those eyes i tell you were never meant to be satisfied with little. They had a look light years ahead but he was in search of something that i couldn’t see. What i was seeing was a despair at a distance and faith when closer.

Days were passing ,increasing his despair ,and faith and confidence were at bay now. He was so reversing that i was afraid i may lose him.But they say “Nature loves stability and loves to maintain hormony” and how could that creator be so unreachable . One day those shaky legs rested on ground and those hands he raised .I didnt understand first, but as soon as I heard him mumbling, I understood that the miracle was to be wittnessed now.

I don’t know what was over his mind that all that sadness vanished and those adorable eyes were full of joy, the joy i never had seen before. Time was changing.” My coming generations won’t struggle this  way or any,wait for a miracle” he had said to me.The inconfident boy was growing into something new,too beautiful and famous.All that loneliness was gone.A boy once shaking in an interview was becoming an inspiration to the generations. The then boy is holding the country’s top car company today , and much more he has begun to set up.He has kept his word.Strength and those raised hands have paid off him with a miracle.