Magnificient LOVE

I am in love with myself..this is the first thing i rememeber early in the morning every day.Life is miracle ,a blessing .Whatever you see in it,whatever be the form ,is a blessing,a true gift,even i am the blessing ,i am a miracle for me .Just be there to feel it,be there to love it. The way you take it is the way it treats you back,a kind of newton’s third law”every action has equal and opposite reaction”.Effect is same just the direction is opposite. Life gives you hugs tighter than you give it but the FUNDA is LOVE it.It is just BEAUTIFUL.Damn beautiful.

I have seen moments when I completely fall off beacause of lemons life gives me  but then  i remember the law of nature , I stay at ease. Nature has never betrayed me ,not anyone else.It loves me,it loves stability ,flow and good vibes. So whatever i am being treated with is ultimately going to get stable. Flow is there so today’s lemons are going to be the mangoes of tomorrow. Whatever it is i am in love with it.I am surrendering to it..a total surrender. I have total trust in my GOD..HE is planning it and trust me this far it has been so beautiful and i trust Him that ahead of this its going to be much more beautiful, worth to live and magnificient.This kind of thinking is inturn a blessing i guess.HE has bestowed me the best in every way..the family ,the love ,the thoughts, the friends,the breathes,the free air,this skin,this life and the love for it and many more innumerble ones.

If you have come this far then you will go ahead easily. Stop giving yourself the wrinkles without actualy having life. Have life and grow gracefully grey .Have this idea and I promise you will fall in love with yourself again and again.Have it,live it, love it.